IT Startup entrepreneur SUCCESS story

Its a story about an entrepreneur man from Manipur. His name is Ramesh. He had an entrepreneur mindset from childhood but never knew himself till he started working in IBM. After 12th standard, he did Engineering from Mysore university in 2012. He got an IT job in IBM. He was working in IBM from 2012 to 2015. During his journey in IBM, he realizes himself that, he is not a person to work under other people’s idea because he has his own great and realistic ideas. Then he started thinking of starting his own IT company. He quit his IBM Job in June 2015. He started working on setting up his own IT company with his two college friends, Kishore, and S. Kumar. Ramesh was working as CEO of the company and Kishore as CFO and S. Kumar CTO. Their company provides website development, mobile app development, Digital marketing services, and IT outsourcing services. Initially, they had invested money from their pocket and operated the business. As business goes on, they started to have few clients but they pay very less for their services. They were not able to get big clients as they do not have much experience on how to create value for their services. Moreover, the service that they were providing has less quality as compare to other companies.

The company business planning was not formed properly, the business process was not define correctly, proper tools and technology were not used, hence executed badly. CTO technical knowledge was not sound. The CFO was not a good decision maker even though, he has given all hard work for the company. After 1 year their business goes down, resulting in company failure. The company was about to close their business. They did downsizing of the company and start analyzing their mistakes. They consulted TJS Solutions Consultant. TJS did 2 weeks of problem assessment for the team and found out that all the co-founders have lack of skills in business planning, business process, and use of tools and technologies. TJS consultant had provided 1-week skill development programs to all the co-founders and define their business plan for the next 3 months. TJS had implemented Lean-Agile principles and monitors the team on weekly basis. After 6 months, the company was able to sustain business smoothly and generated huge income.

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