Top 4 Recruitment challenges in India and Solution to Overcome.

In the present digitally competitive environment, almost all the associations encounter a multitude of hardships from social engagement to technological advancements to pull in the right candidates. The recruitment landscape has transformed from what it was 10 or 20 years ago. Good talent acquisition has hence become the primary parameter on which companies are labeled or not labeled as ‘Best Brands.’ Today, we will take you through the top 4 recruitment challenges in India.


In the candidate-driven market, the demand to fill vacant positions in a wide range of industries is one of the biggest recruitment challenges in India. With so many recruiters trying to attract and engage the same candidates, the aggressive job-seekers do not turn up to those frequent calls, e-mails or even job listings.

What exactly the recruiters should do?

The only way to break through the crowded candidate market is to focus on employer branding. An employer brand is the sum-aggregate of what potential candidates and existing employees consider about your company. Along these lines, investing in a strong employer brand will give you a boost in drawing top talent.

According to Employer Brand Worldwide Survey, for 76% of companies, Social Media is their leading platform showcase their employer brand.


With the increasing number of jobs increases the demand for jobs. This means today’s candidate is more selective when it comes to ultimately picking up from the multiple job offers. This turns out to be disheartening for the recruiters who have invested a lot of time, energy, and resources in finding that one. What is a bigger challenge is sometimes, candidates do not turn up after being selected even on the joining day, which again compels the recruiters to start searching for the talent pool all over again.

What exactly the recruiters should do?

Creating an excellent candidate experience is the way to ideal candidate sourcing. This begins with creating an engaging career site, to conducting interesting interviews – informal conversations, offering office tours and introducing to senior leaders as a way to showcase the brand, taking feedback from selected candidates and so on.

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According to a survey, 80% of recruiters say they have an excellent understanding of the job they recruit. 51% recruiters say hiring managers must have better communications skills when it comes to building a relationship with candidates. This whole idea of being overconfident breaks the efficiency of the hiring process.

What exactly the recruiters should do?

Make the recruitment process a more collaborative one along with the hiring managers. This means, taking their views on shortlisting selected candidates. Preparing interview questions collectively and determining hiring strategies which can improvise the recruitment process. Excellent communication amongst the hiring department must be transparent, and the job of every professional in the domain must be valued. This would enhance the talent acquisition performance.


Presently, most of the recruiters have technological tools but lack the skills to utilize them to their advantage regarding effectively fetching the data. This makes them less competitive from the recruiters who are devising the latest HR software, HR analytics, tools to find, screen and source candidates.

What exactly the recruiters should do?

Only learn them. Despite the size of your company, some positions you need to fill in, the better you will be at using the technically advanced HR tools, the better will be your hiring decisions and image in the industry. You can influence your hires, retain the, and make it a good starting point.

Adapting a new way candidate sourcing and on-boarding can help budding, as well as experienced recruiters, overcome the recruitment challenges in Indiawhich they have been facing to date. It all starts with making a good rapport with candidates!

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